Introduction To Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a term that has existed since the start of the web
2.0 era. It is the evolution of word of mouth marketing, because of the
speed of which the internet is growing and the emergence of social
sharing tools.

In the web 1.0 era, the internet world was uni-directional. Meaning, I
own a website, and write about topics and you read about it. Today,
there is a multi-dimensional interaction in web content between
webmasters and their target audiences.
People can comment, share, “Like”(For Facebook) and suggest using
the variety of sharing tools such as blogs, microblogging platforms
(Twitter), Facebook and other social sharing websites such as Reddit
This eases and facilitates the growth of Viral marketing and has made
viral marketing the best way to grow someone’s business fast.
What’s important is this, if you fail to tap into the wonders of viral
marketing, your competitors will and you will be leaving tons of
money on the table. In the next chapter, we will look at the basics of
viral marketing and how you can apply it to your business.

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